Who is a lay apostle?

A lay apostle walks closely with Jesus into each day. The first goal is our personal movement toward unity with Jesus. In other words, we concentrate first on our own holiness and the perfection of our own souls. We do this through our vocations as mothers, fathers, priests, religious, single people, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers. We serve Jesus through service to others. We learn to love Jesus through loving others. We become united to Jesus through treating others with His love and gentleness. We bring kindness back to the world by behaving as though we lived in the heavenly Kingdom, which of course we do. We know about the love of Christ. We must live that knowledge.

As lay apostles, we seek to be united to Jesus in our daily work and through our vocations, in order to obtain graces for the conversion of sinners. Through our cooperation with the Holy Spirit, we will allow Jesus to flow through us to the world, bringing His light. We do this in union with Mary, our Blessed Mother, with the Communion of Saints, with all of God’s holy angels, and with our fellow lay apostles in the world.


With so many wonderful writings and messages from Heaven, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Here are a few suggestions, chosen from lay apostles around the world. 



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