Lessons in Love

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First published in 2010, Anne illuminates the importance of loving the people Jesus has placed in our lives, with the same unconditional love he has for each one of us. She shares her thoughts on the sacramental call to marriage and offers points for consideration when choosing a spouse, as well as suggestions for navigating predictable marital difficulties and challenges. Also included is a series of loving and compassionate thoughts for those who experience same sex attraction.

This book is organized into seven parts:

  • The Place of the Divine Will
  • Visions
  • God is Love
  • Marriage
  • Questions and Answers
  • Intimacy
  • Heaven Speaks booklets
"Let us remember, single apostles, that our time is best spent becoming the right person, not trying to find the right person. Do not spend the bulk of your time looking. Spend the bulk of your time becoming. Become. If we, as single apostles of the Returning King, constantly seek to find the right person, we are not trying hard enough to become the right person. In this case, we are ignoring our need for development and the right person might not choose us because we have not cooperated with the Lord in our own formation." -An excerpt from Marriage

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