Allegiance and Vocation Prayer Card

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We are delighted to make available in bulk our new prayer card with both prayers of the Apostolate on either side. The Allegiance Prayer and The Vocation Prayer. 

These high quality, beautifully designed prayer cards bring God into a more accessible space for any and all. Often, returning to relationship with Heaven occurs through small steps. These two simple and powerful prayers offer a happy and loving first step. 

Please consider buying in bulk to spread the Apostolate. 

Does your chapel or church have a stack at the back? Do your family and friends have a copy?

When people aren't practicing, we hand them this card and say, "Just say these prayers every day and don't worry about anything." Jesus and Mary do the rest.

Each card measures 3 x 4.5 inches.

Note: If you'd like to order larger quantities, please call or email our office. 

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