Volume Nine: Angels

Volume Nine: Angels

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These messages were recorded by Anne, a lay apostle, in August and September 2004. In this Volume, Jesus and the Blessed Mother explain that angels surround us and are eagerly waiting for us to call on them for assistance.

"My children who seek the light are surrounded by heavenly beings. These beings, My angels, seek My will. There is no darkness in them. They do not sin. They do not serve one day and abandon the divine will the next day. They know Me and worship Me. Because they have a great depth of heavenly knowledge, they can anticipate heaven's wishes and heaven's designs. They know what I am seeking in each situation. They know exactly what will bring a soul closer to perfection in each moment. As such, My dear children, they are the perfect companions for you." -Jesus, August 25, 2004

"My children, there is so much talk of the enemy and the enemy is so glorified in your world, that many souls forget that heaven is far and away more powerful than the pitiful band of bitter ones who serve darkness. These want only your misery. We, My unlimited number of good and holy servants, want only your joy and safety. Ask for an honor guard of My angels and you will be enveloped in powerful beings from heaven who will insure that you complete your missions in safety." -Jesus, August 23, 2004

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