Jesus Speaks to You

Jesus Speaks to You

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These messages are taken from Volume Four- Part Three: Jesus Speaks to Sinners. They have been put in this small booklet with a new title, making it easier to give these consoling words to those who need them. 

Originally recorded in February 2004, by Anne, a lay apostle, this booklet contains messages from Jesus to people who are living a life away from God. In these messages Jesus calls out strongly and lovingly to those away from Him, urging them to come back to Him. He explains who He is and why they should return to Him. Jesus is not afraid to answer the questions that they would have about God. He in turn challenges them to give Him a chance to reveal Himself to them. Jesus explains to them why they are not experiencing peace and joy that they should experience. He tells them that He will give that to them, if they return to Him. He expresses His perfect love for them, and calls them home.

"Listen to My voice as I call to you. Dear soul, entangled in the darkness of this world, it is to you I cry out. I am your Savior. I am calling to you loudly now because the time for you to hear My voice has arrived. No longer should you turn away from Me. Dear soul of the Kingdom, you belong with your family. Who is your family, you ask. We are your family. You have a great many souls here on earth who will love you but you must come back to Christianity." -Jesus, February 16, 2004

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