Monthly Messages

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This Christmas Bundle contains: Monthly Message Book, Invitation Booklet.

Each message in the Monthly Message Book contains beautiful, practical and loving instruction from Jesus on how to conduct ourselves during this time. The Invitation Booklet offers gentle encouragement to include Jesus in our lives. This Bundle is perfect for your adult aged children and friends. 

Jesus sent recurring messages on the first of every month from December 1st, 2004 to August 1st, 2012. These messages contain direction, wisdom, encouragement, consolation, and joyful hope for God’s people, specific to the month they appear. These messages are cyclical in nature, with a fresh message for each month. People all over the world have commented on how these messages feel like personal letters specifically addressed to them from Jesus. This is a book you can pick up again and again and find each time that Jesus is directing you with fresh grace for your particular situation. This book contains the full compilation of all the monthly messages from Jesus Christ the Returning King as given to the world. A must-have for each ARK prayer group!

"Walk in joy because as an apostle serving in this troubled world, you are entitled to every heavenly protection. My gratitude to you for your friendship is not something you can measure in earthly terms. You must trust Me that My gratitude will astound you." -Jesus, October 1, 2005


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