The Complete Lenten Journey Package

The Complete Lenten Journey Package

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In the Apostolate of the Returning King we have been blessed to have the benefit of so many treasures from Heaven. One of these is the gift of some insight, through Anne's mystical experiences, into the commitment and service Heaven needs. 
During Lent, as we contemplate Jesus and his sacrifice, we want to encourage lay apostles to delve into this rich treasury again and to share it with others. To help you with this we have put together this complete Lenten Journey package, based on Anne's writings of living out your call to be a lay apostle. 

This package contains the following books and is a perfect accompaniment for anyone during Lent:

Serving in Clarity, Thoughtful Men and Women of God (A Guide to Contemplative Prayer), Volume Ten: God Speaks to His Lay Apostles, Heaven Speaks to Those Who Struggle to Forgive, and the Litany of Humility Bookmark

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