Young Adult Vocations DVD

Young Adult Vocations DVD

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any young Catholics do not understand the importance of their role in the Church. When young people fulfill their vocation, they are simply following God's plan for them. The Re-Charge Team is committed to helping young people discover how God has given each one specific talents and gifts. In this DVD, Nora McCarthy, the Youth Director of Re-Charge explains that discernment is a process of finding out what God is calling us to do in our lives. The video explains that each and every Catholic person has a unique place and call in the Catholic Church. The many testimonies from young people who have discovered joy in their choice of vocations, in both lay and consecrated life, will inspire other young people to reflect on one of them most important decisions they will make. This video is reality based and speaks equally to young people with great commitment to the Church or with no commitment to the Church. 
40 minutes total viewing, DVD format.

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