Evening of Eucharistic Renewal

Evening of Eucharistic Renewal

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In February of 2009, Sacred Heart Parish in Palos Hills, Illinois was the site of an Evening of Eucharistic Renewal at which Anne, a lay apostle spoke about the lay apostle’s need to listen to, learn about and follow Jesus’ example as set out in Scripture. With humor and down to earth examples, Anne motivated the audience to seek out the Divine will by being faithful to the duties of our vocations.

Anne is then interviewed by Nora McCarthy, Re-Charge Youth Coordinator, and gives a brief description of the discernment process which young men and women go through after they first recognize that they are called by the Lord to serve Him in this apostolate. She provides clarity and reassurance, explaining how they are shepherded as they seek to understand their role in the Kingdom of God.

Fr. Darragh Connolly, Chaplain of the Mission, then shares his joy in serving alongside the young men and women who are dedicated to the Lord and serving in this apostolate. Through his experience, he confirms that the Church both wants and needs the many and varied talents that young people offer.

This DVD will bring hope to those who are worried over the Church’s future, and might ignite a flame in those who are searching for direction and discerning their vocation in life. 
Filmed in high definition, 80 minutes total run time.

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