Serving in Clarity

Serving in Clarity

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In this book Anne gives lay apostles further direction and clear examples of how to move closer to union with Jesus in His divine will. This writing contains locutions from Jesus and Mary that encourage us that heaven is sending extraordinary graces to help usher in the Age of Obedience, as well as reflections by Anne to assist us in living out our vocations with holiness, love and obedience to the Church. Anne also writes vignettes of real life challenges that priests and lay apostles face while serving in their vocations. Especially compelling is the description of Anne's mystical experiences of the Mountain of Holiness, where Jesus showed her the condition of the world today in order to encourage all lay apostles to participate in the rescue mission to save lost souls. The book includes her recent book, In Defense of Obedience and Reflections on the Priesthood, as well as Jesus' monthly messages from July 2006 to June 2008.



The New Time

The Lay Apostle Call

Anne's Visions of the Mountain of Holiness

Snapshots of Reality

In Defense of Obedience and Reflections on the Priesthood

Monthly Messages of Jesus Christ the Returning King from July 2006 to June 2008

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