Audiobook CD Heaven Speaks About Stress

Audiobook CD Heaven Speaks About Stress

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This single CD audiobook contains all the messages from Heaven Speaks About Stress, professionally recorded and accompanied by beautiful background music. This is a wonderful way to immerse yourselves in these messages from heaven. Listen to them at home, in your car, anywhere. These will be an especially welcome gift to the visually impaired.

Jesus, St.Padre Pio, and the Blessed Mother want to remind us that stress can draw attention away from heavenly goals. For the good of our souls, Heaven urges us to seek a calmer, more thoughtful pace of life.

"My children, why do you hurry so? Why do you feel you must move so quickly through your days? This is not the way I intended the children of God to live. You may tell Me that you have many things to do. I respond to you by saying that you are trying to do too much. You will not be holy if you move so quickly." -Jesus, August 9, 2005

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