Audiobook CD Heaven Speaks to Soldiers

Audiobook CD Heaven Speaks to Soldiers

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This audio booklet CD was recorded by lay apostles in Hollywood. Professionally recorded messages with beautiful background music. This is a wonderful way to immerse yourselves in these messages from heaven. Listen to them at home, in your car, and beyond. These will be an especially welcome gift to the visually impaired.

This audio booklet contains messages recorded in a booklet by Anne, a lay apostle, from Jesus, the Blessed Mother, and St. Augustine. To those who are soldiers, not only do family and friends often seem far away, but so does heaven. Soldiers sometimes face and endure extreme circumstances and situations. Jesus opens His arms to them, speaks to them and encourages their trust in Him and His special graces. St. Augustine relays advice from one who has found great comfort in heaven. 

"I have the most abundant graces available for soldiers everywhere. Many of these graces have been obtained by your family members who pray constantly for your safety. There are more angels and saints on a battlefield than you can imagine. Now be at peace and do not ever think that I have left you because you are compelled to participate in a war." -Jesus, August 11, 2005


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