The Complete Works on Purgatory, by Anne

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The Complete Works on Purgatory by Anne, a lay apostle contains a DVD of the movie, The Mist of Mercy, and a copy of the book Purgatory, Prayer and Forgiveness.

The Mist of Mercy DVD is based on Anne's writings in the book of the same name. It has a running time of 29 minutes. 

Purgatory, Prayer, and Forgiveness is the perfect accompaniment to this DVD and contains the following writings: 

Anne's experience of Purgatory (excerpted from The Mist of Mercy book)
A formula for Contemplative Prayer
Heaven Speaks to those who Fear Purgatory
Heaven Speaks to those who Struggle to Forgive


See this movie, and read this book.Your views of Purgatory and of God's merciful justice will never be the same. This is an uplifting, inspiring work that is for everyone.


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