Heaven Speaks About Addictions

Heaven Speaks About Addictions

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This booklet contains messages from Jesus, the Blessed Mother, St. Barnabus, St. Andrew the Apostle, and St. Clare of Assisi recorded in July 2005. Addictions interfere with our ability to love. Relief from addictive behavior or habits is as close as turning to Jesus and asking His help. Freedom is within reach when we follow His direction. In this booklet, with the help of the Blessed Mother and the Saints, Jesus issues a call to those with addictions of every nature to turn away from that which pulls them down, and to begin a heavenly path that leads to eternal salvation.

"It can never be a good thing to be overly attached to something that dulls your ability to love. Look into your soul right now. You will find that I am looking back at you. You know that I am asking you to put aside this addiction. You have known this for some time. The day is today." -Jesus, July 27, 2005

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