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Newsletter Subscription

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By signing up to receive this newsletter, you will receive a quarterly publication that helps you stay connected and inspired!

Our Newsletter serves a variety of purposes including: publishing talks by Anne, sharing exciting news of apostolic endeavors in North America and Europe as well as remote places around the world. Sharing good news stories of how these writings have impacted lives; including stories of conversion and grace. Providing information on our many events in the USA and Europe with photos and testimonies and so much more. 

Please Note: Only one newsletter subscription may be added per order. If you'd like to add multiple Newsletter Subscriptions for family, friends, and loved ones, please make individual orders. 

Some lay apostles have shared:
 "I love how the newsletter brings me together with others serving in this same mission" 
"I enjoy reading it and passing it along to others, sometimes simply leaving it at my church hoping others will pick it up!"
"I was first introduced to Direction for Our Times by someone handing me a newsletter."

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