An Illustration of Grace

An Illustration of Grace

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Written by Karla Fiaoni, 2018. 96 Pages. 

“This book provides a gripping firsthand account of one woman’s triumph over a life of abuse. The book also takes the reader on a spiritual journey as the author finds true meaning in life through her faith in God. Karla narrates her life story uniquely through both firsthand accounts and third person introspection and self-examination. Karla demonstrates through her life and words that victims of abuse cannot only survive but can also use their experiences to reach out to others who have had similar experiences and help them on the road to empowerment. There is no doubt that Karla has saved the lives of many people as a Prosecutor, Chief of Police, Defense attorney and forerunner of advocating for victims of domestic Violence. This is a story of life worth knowing about and it will leave you inspired in many ways.” -Richard Albanese

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